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November 2, 2011

Following Joel’s SkyDome performance last Saturday night, local publication The Star started on this note:

“If you weren’t one of the many dance-music fans in attendance old enough to remember the City of Toronto’s turn-of-the-millennium anti-rave witch hunt, Deadmau5’s triumphant homecoming gig before more than 20,000 frothing fans at the Rogers Centre on Saturday night still stood, I’m sure, as one of the most righteous dance parties ever to hit this town.”

They went on to finish with this… “Take all the victory laps you want, Deadmau5. You just pulled off a rave in freakin’ SkyDome.” To read all the stuff in the middle, click here. Joel’s reaction: “boom! :D So proud to be Canadian!”

Moar than 30mins of the show was broadcast live across live.deadmau5.com and youtube. This footage will be rebroadcast at a later stage this week. Further info to come.

October 6, 2011

The man behind the cheesy mau5head and consequent winner of our Talenthouse competition, Lance Thackeray meets Joel in NYC and enjoys a memorable night on the Meowington’s Hax Tour. Read the full article and check images from the night at TMZ.com.

The guys at Talenthouse also posted this on their blog.

May 10, 2011

So, you all know Joel is playing his first exclusive outdoor show in the UK at Victoria Park this June, right?! Well, as well as the cheeky competition running on its site, Mixmag have also teamed up with team mau5 to offer up the ‘ultimate DM5 prize!’ For more info literally leg it to the shops now and get yourself a copy of this month’s edition…

What you could win:
- 1 pair of VIP tkts to the LED Festival
- £200 for travel and accomadation
- A goody bag of deadmau5 merch, incl. t-shirt, USB mau5 head, CDs and Mini-mau5-Speakers

For all of you not prepared to take the chance, get your tickets at HERE now.

Good Luck.

July 15, 2010

The Dance illuminati at the Official DJ Awards 2010 have nominated Deadmau5 for Best International DJ and Best Electro-Mouse DJ.

You don’t have to go through all the categories…(there’s 13)

Just vote for the 2 categories Mau5 is up for..

To vote click below

June 6, 2010

Check out when mau5 met Paul Morley from the Guardian.co.uk for this epic interview!