Ajax Loader
November 2, 2011

Following Joel’s SkyDome performance last Saturday night, local publication The Star started on this note:

“If you weren’t one of the many dance-music fans in attendance old enough to remember the City of Toronto’s turn-of-the-millennium anti-rave witch hunt, Deadmau5’s triumphant homecoming gig before more than 20,000 frothing fans at the Rogers Centre on Saturday night still stood, I’m sure, as one of the most righteous dance parties ever to hit this town.”

They went on to finish with this… “Take all the victory laps you want, Deadmau5. You just pulled off a rave in freakin’ SkyDome.” To read all the stuff in the middle, click here. Joel’s reaction: “boom! :D So proud to be Canadian!”

Moar than 30mins of the show was broadcast live across live.deadmau5.com and youtube. This footage will be rebroadcast at a later stage this week. Further info to come.