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January 28, 2014

This February 15th, mau5 returns to Miami to perform a free show at the Ice Palace. How did this one come about? Well, at the top of the New Year after a show in South Beach, Miami, deadmau5 voiced his grievance about his booking which catered to a VIP/table crowd.


Club Space, took to its twitter inviting the famed electronic music producer to return to the city to perform a free show that they would sponsor, so his fans could see him in the way he intended.




Dear Joel deadmau5


We read with great interest about your recent show in Miami, and your concerns about fans being placed in the back of the venue while trust fund kids paid premium prices to be placed in front of the DJ booth…


We would like to extend an invitation for you to make these fans happy by hosting a free show for them at our…..


…and so it went on.


To cut a long story short – see you in Miami!