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June 26, 2012

The Veldt EP, out now at iTunes, includes remixes by Tommy Trash and FreeForm five, both with the vocals of Chris James.The package comes complete with Failbait, which sees an appearance from hop hop legends Cypress Hill. Click here to download the full EP.


Have you heard the story of The Veldt?


Over the weekend of 17th / 18th March during a 22 hour Live Streaming session, deadmau5 created a new track titled ‘The Veldt’  inspired by a short Sci-Fi story written by Ray Bradbury (check United We Fail for for Joel’s full blog post). He then uploaded it to his FML Soundcloud page for his fans to enjoy. At this time it was just an instrumental.


“Im keen on short stories, since i lack the time to dip into a massive novel. And well, as some of you know, other peoples art, poetry, writting or otherwise can very easily juxtapose to your own craft, inspiring you to create your own personal extension or compliment to the work… hence the track itself… anyway, after being inspired, i felt… man, i’d really like to create a soundtrack to this.. a somewhat melancholic yet uplifting audio image of kids bestowed with insane technology which enables them to conjure up any setting or any thing they desire… which in this case, as children sometimes wish their parents were dead by an unfounded retaliation to being disciplined. what a great story, i figured.” - deadmau5



The next day he found that his fans were tweeting him about a vocal version on Soundcloud. He didn’t react to their tweets initially as he gets so many submissions, but the volume of messages was such that he gave in and decided to check out what all the fuss was about. The fan had taken his comments on board and based his lyrics on the short story. When deadmau5 heard the fan’s version he was totally blown away. This has all been caught on video during the Live Stream.


“he righteously did his homework, and came up with just a few bang on verses that completely compliment the story and the mood, which is all i ever want from a song that contained lyrical content. Can’t give him props enough.”  – deadmau5


deadmau5 then messaged the vocalist, Chris James, that he was going to officially release it with his vocals (again all on his Live Stream). A short while later he got his manager and Chris on the phone to work out the details and asked him to add another verse. Again all captured on the live stream for his fans to see as it unfolded.


The Veldt EP is out now and available at iTunes.


- mau5team