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deadmau5 takes #4 in DJ Mag Top 100
October 18, 2011

This week Joel was announced ‘Highest Electro DJ’ at Amsterdam’s DJ Mag Top 100 event. This is what the mau5 had to say on Facebook: “#4 again on the top100 DJ polls… hey, not bad for someone who isnt a DJ. Anythings possible folks! now.. where did i rank in the top100 dentists poll? *looks* anyway… it just means you all voted, and i didnt even have to spam you to do it! so, if it means anything to me, it’s the love from my fans… and i love you all back! ♥

ps. lol, lets get the jump on this bitch NOW. HEY EVERYONE. VOTE FOR ME FOR THE 2012 TOP100 POLLS. I WILL GIVE YOU BACON.”

deadmau5 unhooked – New Years Eve – NYC.
October 14, 2011

From 7pm until 4am, Joonbug.com and Area Event Present EverAfter with deadmau5 at Pier 36, NYE 2011. Click here for more information. Tickets go on sale October 18th.

5th November – moar acts
October 9, 2011

The Meowington’s Hax Tour will end on 5th November in Joel’s hometown of Toronto. To get tickets, click here. To see a full line up, look below… and smile.

deadmau5 – Talenthouse mau5head winner
October 6, 2011

The man behind the cheesy mau5head and consequent winner of our Talenthouse competition, Lance Thackeray meets Joel in NYC and enjoys a memorable night on the Meowington’s Hax Tour. Read the full article and check images from the night at TMZ.com.

The guys at Talenthouse also posted this on their blog.

Meat Cthulhu – Epic Meal Time
October 4, 2011

Epic Meal Time: “We invade the nightmares of a little boy to bring forth the power of Cthulhu! Imagine a beast so powerful its skin was made of bacon weave and his face cooked octopus, while its insides were double cheese burgers…that’s pretty much Meat Cthulhu!”

deadmau5 on facebook: “that is all”.