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Meat Cthulhu – Epic Meal Time
October 4, 2011

Epic Meal Time: “We invade the nightmares of a little boy to bring forth the power of Cthulhu! Imagine a beast so powerful its skin was made of bacon weave and his face cooked octopus, while its insides were double cheese burgers…that’s pretty much Meat Cthulhu!”

deadmau5 on facebook: “that is all”.

Creamfields Abu Dhabi.
October 2, 2011

deadmau5 will be performing at Creamfields Abu Dhabi 2011. The show has this year confirmed the event will take place over two days at the TAS Arena. Joel will be doing his thing on Thursday the 8th December.

For full line up and ticket links click here.

deadmau5 in South Africa
September 29, 2011

deadmau5 on Facebook: “hey… south africa… don’t think im not hearing you… 2 years in making, just for you.”

For more info: www.deadmau5satour.co.za

Santa Barbara show added!
September 21, 2011

Nearly two months into Meowington’s Hax Tour and we have even more good news for all your North American fans; this weekend just gone, tickets went live for the Santa Barbara Bowl – 27th October. Click here to get booked in now.

On the music front, look out for mau5trap’s new release from Dutch dubstep trio Noisia, their latest single ‘Tommy’s Theme’ is now available exclusively at beatport. Click here to download.

Adobe – Imagination Challenge
September 16, 2011

deadmau5 joins Adobe and a set of panel judges for a whole new kind of challenge. Adobe: “Show us the power and depth of your imagination using Adobe® Creative Suite 5.5 Student and Teacher Edition software. We want to see what inspires you, what your passions are, how you express yourself. This contest is for you, about you, celebrating your self-expression. We’re asking students across every discipline to take our breath away, to leave us stunned.”

All in all there are 3 chances to win £10k and 18 chances to win £550. From Joel: “just doing round 2 of the adobe imagination challenge… so much win in there… check out http://students-adobe.com/ to create original art n stuff get a chance to win $10k :D or just hop on over there to check out the submissions.”