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December 20, 2013

Joel here.


it’s here sorta! and its kinda mostly happening! rainbows and explosions.


so I just launched a new membership platform thing, designed for the horde and powered by the guys at Upfront. starting today, I’ll be offering stuff like unreleased music (and lots of it, were gunna just keep adding stuff everyday n all that.), live streams from the studio or office… , group chats, text messages, voicemails from me to you and of course lots of that stupid cat Professor Meowing tons.


as the email title says, for a limited time, I’m also granting Founding Member status to the first 5000 people to sign-up. (ill explain what that is in a bit)


q: what about mobile? a: yep, we’re on it and it should be live in spring.


see you in there!