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August 2, 2012

Professor Meowingtons Enterprises along with SOL REPUBLIC, committed to changing the world one listener at a time with high-quality headphones, today announced the world’s first headphones for cats.


“For too long, felines around the world have had to listen to music solely through speakers, or through ill-fitting headphones designed for humans,” Prof. Meowingtons said through an interpreter. “My SOL REPUBLIC headphones for cats are the world’s first headphones designed by cats, for cats. Our extensive testing has indicated that the headphones will also fit small dogs, but they are not for dogs. I’m not kidding, don’t even think about putting these things on a dog.”



Designed by famed digital artist Joshua Davis, a frequent collaborator of deadmau5 and fan of Professor Meowingtons, these headphones look good on the ears or even around the neck. Engineered for durability and easy to adjust, cats of almost all shapes and sizes will be able to feel the music.


Only 10 of these exclusive cat headphones have been created making them highly sought after by felines the world over. They are perfect for furry music lovers who want to block out the annoying sound of dogs and humans, while looking like the stylish cat in town.


This morning, Joel tweeted: “yes this is for real” whilst financialpost.com published this article.


Join the wait list here today or visit one of the stores to buy a pair of these exclusive, one of a kind, cat headphones.